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Goldmorr Products

Introduction to the Goldmorr Product Lines - GM2000, GM6000, GM2900 and GMThermo.​


This is arguably our most innovative product and is used for the elimination of mould spores.  It is unique in that it is NOT an encapsulant, it is non-irritant, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-bleaching.  This product has been thoroughly tested and is designed as a non-mechanical air scrubber to eliminate mould spores and other contaminants from the indoor environment. Additional benefits are that it is not scented, so there can be no question of it masking odours.  Its non-bleaching feature means that it is safe to use on any surface.

Mould spores, by nature, will grow where there is excess moisture for a whole host of reasons.  The mould that we see on our walls etc, are present because the right conditions exist.  Whilst you see this growth, mould produces spores which spread throughout the built environment. 
Our non-mechanical air scubbing process will safely and effectively eliminate these spores using GM2000.


This product is for the removal of the visible mould from hard surfaces only.  It can be used to remove the staining on such surfaces as gyprock, concrete, timbers, stonework, roofing, brickwork etc.  

This product is a bleach based product that is also formulated to get to the hyphae, or root system, of the visible mould.   After using GM6000 to eliminate the visible mould, painting of the surfaces is usually not required.  If moisture has caused peeling or flaking paint issues, a Goldmorr technician is able to advise you of the correct procedures to follow when repainting.

Check out our photo gallery for some of the remarkable results.


Ideally suited for use in larger spaces or where access is limited.  It is commonly used after fire damage to eliminate any microbial growth and the odour of smoke.  It has been used to treat roof spaces, basements, larger buildings such as Theatres and Libraries as well as hotels and office buildings.

Thermo fogging is the process by which an oil based product is converted to smoke.  These very fine particles will find their way into any place that smoke has previously been.  Use in confined spaces is ideal as the GM Thermo will get into all the tiny or hard to reach places. GM Thermo works similarly to GM2000 in that it is a non-mechanical air scrubbing product. 

Did you know that regular mechanical air scrubbers can take days and sometimes weeks to clean the air within a built environment?  Using the Goldmorr system, this can be done in a matter of hours.



Most mould jobs will require the use of at least 2 of these products.  For example; if you have visible mould on the walls, you will require the use of GM6000 to remove the black staining on the wall.  Following the removal of the staining, we would then treat the whole dwelling with GM2000 to remove the airborne mould spores that would be present within the indoor environment.  These airborne spores are just hanging around till they have the right conditions to thrive and must be removed before that occurs.

​​Please note:
Thorough testing has been conducted on all of our products for their efficacy.  These products are for use by trained Goldmorr technicians only.  We take very seriously our commitment to educating technicians on the correct use and combination of products to achieve the best possible results for clients.  Please use the contact us page to make further enquiries.

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