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Services Provided 

Our Master Technicians are trained to firstly determine the cause or source of the mould problem to ensure that the mould does not return. They offer practical, affordable solutions that will enable you to gain control of your indoor environment and keep it free of mould.​

What is Fogging?​

When a Goldmorr Master Technician refers to fogging, it is the process by which the GM2000 is applied within your dwelling.

The product is misted by use of a spray device and so can gain far greater and more consistent coverage of an entire home; similar to the steam created when you have a hot shower.

Why fog the entire house instead of only treating the effected area's?

This is simply because mould spores spread. They are carried on your clothing as well as being present in the air. If the entire dwelling is not fogged, then the mould will return in other rooms under the right conditions.

The bottom line here is that we can confidently use GM2000 knowing that you are extremely unlikely to have any reaction to it. It is not going to harm any of your furnishings either.

We have performed many treatments with occupants who suffer with such ailments as asthma and multiple sclerosis and others going through chemotherapy. All have reported improvements in their own wellbeing following mould removal and fogging, with a lot of clients opting for an annual fog regardless of the fact that mould may not be present.

Note: If you are shopping around for mould remediation, please ensure that the products used have been tested and pose little/no danger to your health and wellbeing.

Content Cleaning / Restoration 

Millions of dollars a year are lost to contents that have to be disposed of due to mould.  Most contents are affected by what we would call surface mould.  The main reason for disposal is damage.  If the contents are not damaged, then in most cases you can clean them and eliminate the any active mould growth.

Shoes, leather goods, lounge suites and timber furniture, almost all content items can be restored via micro-cleaning with GM2000. The use of the Goldmorr remediation system allows effective cleaning of contents without bleaching or damage.

Why the Goldmorr System?

When biological contamination of any kind happens within a building, the building itself is the containment. The reason for this is that microorganisms are so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye. It therefore has to be assumed that they cannot be contained in one area of a building.

Microorganisms are so light, between 0.1 and 0.4 of a micron thick; they can float for days and travel to various parts of the containment undetected.

They spread through air movement, are carried on clothing and readily circulate from one area to another.  Given the right conditions, the spores will form new colonies resulting in active mould growth.  This is why the building itself should be the containment and the spores throughout that containment treated.

Goldmorr technicians are the only remediators that offer these services.  Our customers know this and that the Goldmorr method is the safest and most complete remediation system available.

GM2000 is the only product of its kind, with results speaking for themselves.  It is so safe that it has been skin tested and achieved a non irritant status.  It is also a smart environmental choice as it is biodegradable and safe to use on any surface.  It will not harm even the most delicate of fabrics nor discolour them.

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