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Become a Goldmorr Master Technician

What does the course cover?

Goldmorr Master Technician training includes the following:

  •    Back to basics “What is Mould?”
  •    The differences between a mould job and water damage
  •    What works in the elimination of mould and why
  •    Products – when to use them, how to use them and why they work
  •    Inspection techniques – the common and not so common causes of mould
  •    Correction – how to eliminate the mould
  •    Content Cleaning
  •    Protection to safeguard against the return of mould
  •    Safety – how to ensure that your workers and your workplace are safe
  •    Equipment
  •    Information for your clients
  •    Technology – We show you applications that will improve your productivity 
  •    Training and Support Centre – for Goldmorr Master Technicians only
  •    Markets

Throughout Goldmorr Training courses, we encourage active discussion.  As many Goldmorr trainees have experience in other methods of remediation and restoration, the knowledge and experience that they bring with them is always valued and respected. 


Each class usually brings with it a cross section of trainees from other professions including, but certainly not limited to Industrial Hygienists, Construction professionals, and Engineers.

Why become a Goldmorr Master Technician? 


  •   Valuable information that will make you a better professional
  •   Products that are available to Goldmorr Technicians only
  •   An excellent support network
  •   On going updates via our online training and support centre that is available to Master Techs.
  •   Increased profitability in your business

The Goldmorr Difference: 

With the Goldmorr system you can offer, same day mould remediation without containment!

  •   Understanding mould
  •   The Identification process
  •   Tools of the Trade
  •   The Goldmorr System and the GM Products
  •   Administration/Reporting


What will you Gain? 


  •   Increase you income through the Goldmorr system
  •   A complete understanding of mold and remediation processes
  •   Be confident when completing your next job knowing you will achieve clearance.
  •   Enhance your area of expertise


How can you perform mould remediation without containment? 


Simply because the home or building itself is the containment. We will teach you more about mould than you already know and remind you of some of the basics that are forgotten if it has been a while since you completed other courses. Once this is explained fully, you will completely understand why this makes perfect sense.

How can you perform mould remediation without removing dry-wall?


We eliminate the spores and remove the staining. Mould is a biological problem. By removing drywall you are just shifting the problem to the landfill. You don’t need to. Treat it correctly where it is and you will not need to destroy homes.

We will teach you how to get behind the walls without having to remove them.

The ultimate result is that your client does not have to relocate while their home is being torn apart and then reconstructed. For you, it ensures that your profitability is far greater. You must work smarter, not harder.

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"We are loving the GM6000 and 2000 and if I didn't have them in my tool box I would quit doing mold." 

​- M. Franz

"The Course offered a greater understanding of the issues facing clients with mould problems."

- T. Thompson  



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