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Here are just a few of the testimonials that we have received from some of our Goldmorr Master Technicians that are out using the Goldmorr system in the field both in Australia and in The United States.  

Renew Cleaning & Restoration - Tanya Thompson 

"I recently attended your Goldmorr Technician course and being relatively new to administration within the mould industry, the course offered a greater understanding of the issues facing clients with mould problems." 




A Better Restoration - Andrew Rafferty 

"I have to tell you; it seemed that the Goldmorr system claims were too good to be true, so even after going to the class, I needed to see it work for myself. We have done 2 jobs with it so far, and even though the results you claim are unbelievable, you converted a true skeptic here."

Certified Indoor Air -  Randy Gandara

"Thought I'd share some more before/after photo's of another successful job that we just completed yesterday. I always like sharing these images with the customers after a job. This system blows away the competition and streamline's our operation."

Forensic Industrial Hygienist - Jon Dacken  

"I have been a forensic industrial hygienist for more than 18 years. Although I am licensed in lead and asbestos, my first love has always been mold and indoor air quality. 

Does the Goldmorr process work? Absolutely! In fact the results still amaze me. I now use the Goldmorr system exclusively. It is faster and less expensive than any other abatement method I have used."

Southern Environmental - Spencer South 

"If pictures say a thousand words then how many words would a video say about your product. I am showing this to others who are equally amazed"




We Dry ASAP - Michael Franz 

​"We are loving the GM 6000 and 2000 and if I didn't have them in my tool box I would quit doing mold."

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